Mike Lowe,
Plant Manager

Twenhofel Middle School Saves 49%

“This has been my best shutdown yet,” said Mike Lowe, plant manager at Twenhofel Middle School. “Due to what I’ve been able to see more closely in the energy data, I’ve started shutting down more appliances and lighting than what was previously expected of us, because I saw how much of a difference it would make.”

Over Winter Break, Mike posted 49% savings over last year and well over $1500 in savings over the span of 2 weeks.

Impressive performance report detailing the level of savings during Winter Break Shutdown at Twenhofel Middle School during a period of 4 days.

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Betty Roark,
Building Manager

Success! Beechgrove Elementary Mobilizes to Create an Efficient, Sustainable Future

Betty Roark - Beechgrove Building Manager

The Winter Break “Shutdown with ENERGY STAR” for Kenton County School District (KCSD) accomplished even more than significant energy and cost savings. A two-week-long initiative to reduce school energy use during winter break drew attention to the importance of energy sustainability and inspired a collective effort across the entire school.

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