Construction 101 giving the community the 411

In 2008 Turkey Foot Middle began an organization for the students to volunteer in that walked them through the construction of their new net zero environmental green building. The students worked with the engineers and architects of the building, and were taught different content about the building in all of their classes in school. The students toured the job site during the entire construction process and were asked to calculate different things, and were even allowed to put together a section of the insulated concrete form wall. The student in the construction 101 group then took all they learned about their new school and gave tours and taught their fellow classmates, teachers and outside visitors. The students then wrote testimonies about their experience, and Patrick Haney said this: “I’m now starting my STEM school of study in high school, hoping to be an engineer or architect when I graduate. I have learned many things in construction 101 that will definitely help me in my future.” This program still exists in the school and the children of Turkey Foot Middle take so much pride in what they do. We congratulate Turkey Foot students and hope all of our kids in the district take as much pride in their schools and teaching the community about energy savings.

Colonels Conduct Control!

Harry Wessel, Building Plant Manager

The Kenton County School District’s very own Dixie Heights High School has a family and team work attitude. Their Plant Manager, Harry Wessel, has taken all the information given to him on how to cut down energy usage and ran with it. For example, he has began turning all lighting off after 3:00pm, and has set-up a plan to only use a portion of the gym lighting when needed. Harry is rising above and beyond and explains to his coworkers what to do in the building and why it helps their school, themselves and their students. When Friday May 27, 2010 was compared to Friday May 28, 2011, Harry had saved $422. Dixie Heights went from 11,255 kWh to 7,038 kWh!

Beechgrove Elementary Students Learn about Energy Conservation

Energy Assembly at Beechgrove Elementary

In December, the Sustainable Energy Technology Engineering Academy scholars traveled to Beechgrove Elementary to assist with the “Captain Current vs. the Energy Vampires” assembly presented by the Kentucky Science Center. Students at Beechgrove Elementary learned about the steps involved in generating and transmitting electricity to their school and home and the importance of energy conservation.

The SETE Academy scholars worked the individual learning stations visited by Beechgrove students and helped the students learn about circuits, electricity generation, the energy required by different types of light bulbs, conductors and insulators, and how wind is used to generate electricity.

15.1% Energy Reduction over 12 months

May 2011 Kenton County School District partnered with New Energy Technology in an advanced energy management program. With the use of Interval Data Reporting displayed on the EnergyCenter, Kenton has been able to reduce energy use by 15.1% over this past year. Congratulations Energy Team!