Simon Kenton Students Design Solar Ovens!


Holly Meade and many of her students identified in Gifted/Talented and/or leadership researched making solar powered pizza box ovens and shared that knowledge with Kenton Elementary Energy E=WISE2 over a three-week time frame.
The science project was part of Holly’s first year teaching KTIP project.
“I found an idea where I would have my students make solar powered pizza box ovens to go with the theme of Kenton’s Energy E=WISE2 group. I chose students of mine that were listed as Gifted/Talented in Science and/or leadership,” said Holly. “The Kenton Elementary students told me that they liked working with the high school students and that some of them can now say they have a friend at Simon Kenton! That was the coolest part. They also learned about how the ovens worked and how they can use these instead of a regular oven to conserve energy.”
Kenton Energy E=WISE2 members were given additional directions on how to make the boxes again and recipes that they can use the ovens for.
“My students are in the process of completing surveys and reflections on their experience, but from feedback I have already received I have heard my students saying that they really enjoyed working with the younger students, they felt that they helped them to understand and learn important science concepts by completing a hands on activity with them. They also enjoyed taking the time outside of school tom show their leadership skills,” said Holly.

Simon Kenton students involved in the project posed for a group picture. L-r ,front row: Katie Adams, 14; Tira Bickers, 14; Sydney Carpenter, 15; Kendra Chambers, 15; Megan Eichert, 14; L-r, back row: Holly Meade, teacher; Carly Garrison, 14; Annalise Palmer, 14; Corey Reynolds, 14; Katie Taylor, 14; Abbie Thatcher, 14; Mallory Valentine, 15. Absent when this picture was taken are Garrett Cobb and Josie Boswell.