How To Calculate Your Home Energy Yardstick

  1. Find all of the following information before you begin:

    1. Your ZIP code

    2. Your home’s square footage

    3. The number of full time home occupants in your home

    4. A list of the different fuels used in your home (e.g. electricity, natural gas, fuel oil)

    5. Your home’s last 12 months of utility bills (can be found in the 12 month summary provided on your bill or through a Green Button file)

      1. A Green Button file allows customers from some utility providers to securely download the last 12 months of their energy data directly onto the Home Energy Yardstick. To find out if your provider uses a Green Button file go to: and scroll to the bottom of the page to find your utility provider.

  2. Click this link that takes you to the Home Energy Yardstick:
  3. Enter your ZIP Code, number of occupants, square footage and click “continue”

  4. Select all types of fuels used in your home and click “continue”

  5. If your utility provider uses a Green Button file select “I have a Green Button file” for the type of fuel that you have and choose the Green Button file from your computer. Once you have chosen a file for all types of fuels used in your household, click “continue”

  6. IF your utility provider does not use a Green Button file, select “I do not have Green Button data” and hit continue.

    1. Select a start and end date over a 12 month period that you would like the Home Energy Yardstick to measure.

    2. Manually enter each month of individual fuel usage for the 12 months that you selected and click “continue”

  7. Review your information and select “Calculate My Score”

  8. Here you will see your Home Energy Yardstick Score on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most energy efficient), your annual energy use, and a graph that shows your monthly energy use.

    1. Click the link “What does this graph tell me?” to learn about what a low score and high heating cooling, and base load means.

    2. Click on “How To Improve Your Score” to find further information about heating and cooling, sealing and insulation, and products that will help households save energy.

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