Welcome to December’s Energy Focus (Winter Break Shutdown):

Energy STARs take it home for the holidays! (And let their buildings rest.)

Winter Break is approaching! We know it’s easy to be distracted with holiday festivities and upcoming vacation time. But we’re still Energy Advocates, and we’re here to help make our holidays free of energy waste, and to help shut down our school properly for Winter Break.

Remember to download your Break Shutdown checklist from the EnergyCenter. Gather your friends together as a holiday team of Energy Advocates. Have your team talk with your teachers. What can we unplug in the classroom before we leave for Break? Is there anything hanging from the ceiling that might block a vent or trip a motion sensor? How much can you save your school in energy costs this winter?

And to really make this Winter Break count, let’s bring home what we’ve learned at school. There are many things we can do during the holidays to make sure we aren’t wasting energy.

For example, look around before you leave a room, or before you leave your house for a trip. Is anything off that can also be unplugged? Do all your doors and windows shut tightly? Do they seal well when they’re shut? And if you have holiday lights in your home, are they turned off during daylight and late night?

It can be easy to forget about energy use with so many other things on our mind, but we can make it a habit to spot energy waste, even in this super-charged holiday season.

Help save money and energy for your school, and your home!