Welcome to February’s Energy in Focus!

It’s time to team up for February’s SUPERBULB event!

Our opponent is lighting overuse, which is responsible for a large percentage of a school building’s wasted energy.

But we can shut out this energy waste by running a blitz against unnecessary lighting. And it’s easier than you think! Consult your lighting Playbook [link] to find out the many simple ways you can advocate for better lighting use and conserve electricity.

To find out more about the implications of your lighting conservation, ask your teachers for access to fascinating energy data reports here on the DataCenter [link]. You can track your progress with fun graphs and charts and follow the progress of your school’s ENERGY STAR score!

So how much can you save? This month, you are challenged to rally your peers and teachers to help give lighting a Time Out!

You’ll also learn about foot candles, light meters, and different areas where lighting waste can easily sneak into. Your Energy Advocate role will be put to the test as you monitor your school’s lighting use!

Go! Fight! Win! Let the SUPERBULB begin!