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Energy in Focus offers monthly activities for Teachers and Students to take actionable steps to save energy. The activities, videos and checklists empower users to become Energy Advocates in their classroom and school building.

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Honor Earth Day by Unplugging Items Not in Use

Anything plugged into a wall draws power, whether it is turned on or off. Plug load (the amount of devices currently plugged in) often makes up 30% of a building’s electricity consumption. Phantom load is the amount of electricity used only by devices that are OFF, but still plugged in. Phantom load is energy waste.

Student Interns Save Energy Today for a Better Tomorrow!

Students, faculty and staff at Kenton County School District have implemente a new program, “Shutdown with ENERGY STAR,” to reduce the energy usage during Thanksgiving break.

In addition to their efforts to eliminate all energy waste during the break, they aim to bring a greater awareness of the District’s energy conservation culture and environmental sustainability to the community.

This is no small challenge. High school student interns Mary Smith and Stephen Finan at Kenton County School District are cooperating with other student interns from the Bellevue School District in Washington State, and are working together in data analysis and project management to support all schools in successfully implementing the Shutdown with ENERGY STAR program.

School administrators fully support this exciting and innovative program that will bring change not only in the reduction of energy use and cost, but in the way the people of Kenton County School District use energy at school and at home.

By giving students this rare, real-world educational opportunity to learn through active participation and hands-on experience, the District is setting a new standard for operating its schools during unoccupied times.

Students are driving the cause of energy savings by promoting the following 5 steps that everyone can take the afternoon before leaving for break in order to save energy:

  1. Turn off and unplug EVERY personal appliance
  2. Turn off all computer monitors, printers, smart boards, and projectors
  3. Remove all items hanging from the ceiling (as unintended motion can activate lighting sensors)
  4. Turn off lights and unplug every non-computer electrical device in your office or classroom, including cell phone chargers
  5. Close drapes and or blinds to reduce heat loss over the Thanksgiving Break.

Please join Mary, Stephen, and other students and teachers across the district in saving energy over breaks and Shutdown with ENERGY STAR. In addition, please lend a helping hand to these students by being mindful of your energy use at home-this can be done by turning off electricity consuming items when they are not needed. We all have the power to join this cause and evoke widespread change starting as early as now. So please take action today!

School Districts Empower Energy Advocates. We Can Make a Difference!

And it can be easy. And educational. And fun!

Energy conservation is trending. From individuals to businesses, right up to our government, it’s apparent that we must be smart with our energy consumption—our environment and economy depend upon it. And with as much as 30% of a school building’s total energy use going to waste, that means there’s a lot we can do to help.

Schools seek to do just that by empowering the student body, as well as faculty and staff, to become ENERGY ADVOCATES. This allows us, as building OCCUPANTS, to support building CARETAKERS in their quest to make a building more energy-efficient.

Within each month’s Energy Focus, conservation tips and tools will be presented to let students know how to recognize and prevent energy waste.

Each month we’ll learn of something new to seek out. From lighting to HVAC, from plug load to break shutdowns, everyone can work together toward a more efficient school building.

Let’s discover the STARs within us and advocate for better energy use!

Want to see how your school building is doing? Check your ENERGY STAR Score